How I can support your Soul's path

How I can support your Soul's path


To support your healing process on all plans, Energy Healing helps to release and to transmute the New. We all are on a path and it is an individual process. We cannot compare one another.

My way to each treatment is being guided by the intuitive messages that I receive from beginning to end. I channel with energies, spirits, Light beings, guides, ascendant masters and angels.  It happens often that we have to heal on deeper levels ancestral wounds in multi-dimenions; past lives situations that needs forgiveness, resolution, love, compassion, peace; it is common to let go at peace entities, these processes are nicely done, simultaneously, and it brings great relief, lightness into your energy and peace in your heart.

I can assist healing old and new wounds, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually... Also, I clear chakras, inside out, for alignment, balance and harmony. I am a Pendulum reader. I can share the Pendulum recommendations to your life situation. I offer Pendulum classes to develop a clear communication and bond with your Pendulum by connecting you through a ceremonial process in one session. All the knowledge that I gather over the years is openly shared with you for your growth. If you are on this page, it is always for a reason. It may the right moment for you to align to your soul mission, to your vocation on earth. 

We, light workers, are here at this particular era of time, represented and chosen by a bit more than 5,000 ancestors in our family tree to give, give, give, being at service, devoted, to open the Heart of humanity. We hold the light and bring light to another person's life. 

Each of us has the power to make the world a little brighter. Each of us can choose to shine our own light, transforming the darkness one flicker at a time. We each need to shine our own light. That is our vocation on earth. We don't have to be all guru-super-"woo woo"-spiritual to shine our light. We don't have to read religious texts or meditate or go to church or temple or on a spiritual retreat. We just light up the world by doing what we were born to do - whether it's a job, a passion, or a hobby. We light up the world by treating the person next to us with kindness, compassion, and human dignity. Us, humans, we light up the world by being the best, most loving mother, daughter, son, father, sister, brother, friend, spouse we can be.

Others describe me as a compassionate and caring empath, and a great listener. Compassionate because I care; passionate about this practice. 

I am certified Reiki Master Practitioner, using the Usui method. I am member of the international reiki healing association RHA. I channel with your guides and share their messages. I truly want you to live your best life. Your session is about your healing.  Reiki is a practice, just like exercise, meditation and healthy eating. It took your body years to get to its current state and it will take time to balance and restore it. Reiki can get to the emotional and energetic aspects of you, layer by layer and multi-dimensional.

My mission is inspired by the commitment to ensure the well-being and health of people and to improve the quality of life through Reiki, meditation, holistic nutrition and soul-warming music; which is one of the main key factors in a "flavorful" and harmonious life. In my quest to expand the mission, I also specialize in holistic cuisine since 2000, an energetic cuisine, with particular reference to allergens, diets and dietary restrictions, allergies, and intolerance. With the new Reiki approach to nutrition, the alternatives it offers can provide many health benefits for people. Do you know that when you are cooking,  you can send Reiki to all your food and drinks before consuming to clear away all energies and food chain historic to empower your meals to work only for your highest good? You can find my weekly menu here for inspiration!

Thus, I am working on a book that suggests messages of daily integration through positive affirmations and that are supported by the creation of soothing piano and music. Listen to relaxing music or find my soul-warming music on Amazon or Itunes or Spotify. As a professional pianist since 1998, I offer a discography set of 7 piano albums, "the language of the heart", accompanying music to people for moments of relaxation and meditation. Touching people's hearts, one heart at a time. Pursuing my mission in healing and wellness, I am certified as a musical accompanist in health centers, day-care centers hospital and palliative centers where music has its place in the silence to raise the vibrations.

"I simply follow the flow of life .My entire personal and professional journey has been driven by the need and desire for personal and professional well-being. Namasté"

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