Reiki Energy Healer & Spiritual Reader

Reiki Energy Healer & Spiritual Reader

"Wisdom Is Within You"

RHA MEMBERS - Reiki Healing Association International HQ: Reiki Healing Association Watford, Hertfordshire UK Office

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner/ Hands-on Healing / Remote Distance Healing Sessions

Described as a system of natural healing, Reiki has been around since the early 20th Century. As a Reiki master practitioner, I aim to provide emotional or spiritual support through high-frequency holistic healing, spiritual reading, meditation practices, energy healing, and pendulum guidance. I'm also a music facilitator, and I combine the alchemy of both Reiki and music for some of my treatments.

At Reiki Master Marie - Energy Healing & Spiritual Reading, treatment is non-invasive, and there are no contraindications, so it can be applied to a number of situations – a Reiki session can be enjoyed for some simple relaxation, but also during pregnancy or for children, if need be. Reiki welcomes everyone, animals as well.

HEALING REQUEST: If you're in the Las Vegas area or virtually, I invite you to drop me a line at the form below: your emotional, psychocogical, physical and spiritual healths will thank you! Request Reiki for yourselft, or your family, pets and friends.

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