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Reiki respects free will, it will not heal us or develop these higher states unless we invite it to do so. This requires that we be willing to evolve and adapt to new habits. The ability to recognize unhealthy personal qualities within ourselves and be willing to let them go is necessary if we are to move forward with our personal healing. Those who accept Reiki as their spiritual path and are devoted to allowing it to heal them completely and surrender to its ability to do this find that Reiki will guide them more quickly along the path of healing. This process can include improving the quality of the Reiki energy that one is able to channel as well as helping to develop all the qualities that are healthy for a person to have. Most often, Reiki is used to release stress, negative emotions and energies, body, mind and soul's blockages to bring understanding, consciousness, to a positive outlook on life. It can also be used to complement medical treatments, helping you to relax, de-stress, and recover from procedures. Overall, anyone can benefit their body and soul from Reiki treatments, enjoying the results and changes in a fairly short space of time. Give yourself the opportunity to feel calm, contentment, and serenity the way you deserve. With peace, one's sense of purpose increases by the mile, giving you the ability to cope with people, decisions and removing some of the 'clutter' from your life. Open yourself to a better quality of life!

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Thank you for connecting with me. Your health and well-being are my main concern. I am at your service. If you would like to give yourself the gift of "self-care", feel free to schedule a session. I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually. I would love to hear from you when you are ready. My email address is [email protected] if you prefer to write me directly via webmail or call me 702-482-2886. Take good care. Namasté

Thank you for contacting me today. I will connect with you as soon as I am available. It may take between 2 hours and 12 hours maximum. Take good care, have a blessed day. 


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