A message from Jesus

Posted June 20, 2022

Love is 

The light of the heart

The force of love 

Love is the eternal reflection of the soul 

Love of frequency

It is an innate gift and given (transmitted) from birth - it is the strength to life 

Be attentive to your intentions, thoughts and then words and actions 

Energy is nourished by intentions, emotions and thoughts – which determines Destiny

Always bring a special attention within to intentions emotions and thoughts - everything flows therefore created, manifested

His spoken and visual message made it clear how useless it is for oneself to compare, categorize, label its own self, others or life's situations 

These are very old patterns rooted for thousands of years of our lineages. Rising to the new perspective of a high-frequency life, love is to accept oneself by recognizing our own sanskar (our nature) namely the qualities, the values, the gifts, the treasures of the soul and also the scars of the soul to be worked on in order to be at peace. It is to accept others and life situations as they are. It is to observe in order to learn, to derive the good from it in all learning

To prescribe, in the morning when opening the eyes right before putting the feet's on the ground, and in the evening right before closing the eyes, you can form a protective shield with the support of the Archangel Michael (right wing) by visualizing your energy, your life force, your fire (bright yellow vibration) from the solar plexus connected to your heart; the energy going towards the feet and up to the head (like a radar movement with your inner eyes), make this movement several times, up and down until you feel your energy increasing heat, and then in spiral motion all around the body (radar movement like a spiral your DNA)

It strengthens the body, it grounds (feet rooted in the earth and head connected to the cosmos. It creates vibrant frequency, healing, vitality, strength to live, radiates your whole multi-dimensional being. Clarifies thoughts, neutralizes energies that are accumulated and no longer serve

Everything is energy, everything is frequency: color - sound - notes - vibrations - feelings - emotions 

You will know by the feeling, within, your inner guidance connected divinely to your spirit family, where it is the right way, when your decisions are the right ones for you, how to take a step back for silence and how to be in action. You will know because you will feel. it's energy. 

Blessings of peace, strength, vitality and trust.



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