Clearing Energy

Clearing Energy

Posted on June 7, 2022


When we are born, as an innocent and defenseless baby, our being comes with an infinity of burdens, karmas, vows, etheric implants and an infinity of things that people do not even imagine, our energy comes dense, it comes loaded and that is why many situations are presented to us without meaning, without explanation, that is why repetitive patterns in the same family tree line or in your way of being and thinking are suddenly appearing.

Sometimes we feel inclinations that even ourselves do not explain, for this reason and for many other things it is important to clean the energy charge when we make the decision to change our vibration so some people start their own spiritual processes or activate certain things that do not manifest... This is because there is too much energy in charge inside out our being.

These karmas can come from this life or from past lives in which we do not necessary remember (specially if a spiritual healing process haven't start yet). Please remember  that we are eternal energy, and some of us here have over 10,000 years of lives experiences here on this vibrational planet and on other ones too. The milky way is infinite. We are energetic beings and evolution of a human being consists in cleaning up everything the luggage left in the past, reconcile, make peace with our soul and ancestors, evolving in transcending spiritually.

Karmic vows are promises that have made in previous lives but that in one way or another affect our current life. You may have belonged to a religious order and you have taken a vow of poverty, for example, and in your current life you may work hard and make a thousand efforts, money does not flow, or you only get what you need, or in a previous life, for whatever reason, you have taken a vow of chastity, and most likely in this current life, your love life is not what you intend to experience and no matter how many attempts you make, you have deception in love, a relationship never flows, in short, these vows can be broken if you really want your life to change. The spiritual support of energy healing and spiritual reading can let go karmic vows and align your true self to live your life the way you intend to. I can certainly remove these implants for you.

Etheric implants are various energies that do not belong to your aura but that remain as parasites and feed on your energy. They can change certain habits in us, emotions, provoke fear, provoke aggression, anxiety and over charge of stress; even entities that can accompany us for a long time that belong to the lower astral vibration. The spiritual support of energy healing and spiritual reading can remove etheric implants. By clearing chakras and Aura, you will feel lighter and at peace. It can be done in one session.

Family tree is the most delicate of all because it is the one that affects our current life the most. There are inclinations, for example alcohol, gambling, tobacco, drugs, promiscuity, aggressive temperament, lack of self-confidence, submission, repeating patterns, even repeating the same stories of our ancestors. In the family tree, there are also situations such as ruin, illness, eternal celibacy, marital separations, the choice of wrong partners, the choice of the same model of partners and even the repetition of the same stories of grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, etc. The spiritual support of energy healing and spiritual reading can work on forgiveness and unresolved difficulties encounter in past lives of your ancestors to a peaceful and clear frequencies, vibrations, energies to a bright present and future ahead.

Emotional contracts are all those promises that we have made consciously and unconsciously in this present life and past lives with a sentimental partner that we have had, where we have promised them eternal love, where we have promised to love no one but them, where we have promised to be together in this life and in the next, when we said words like "I love no one but you," "I only want to be with you and no one else," "we will be together forever," "I will love you forever," "I don't want to be with anyone but you," "I'm just yours" and so on, it triggers two things: one, that you stay alone and no other relationship arises, or that the same model of person always follows you, for example you attract aggressive partners, or jealous partners, or unstable partners, or unfaithful partners, or alcoholic partners, etc. The spiritual support of energy healing and spiritual reading can clear these contracts in a session.

Negative emotions and traumatic memories need to be evacuated since your conception, in your mother's womb (if you were a desired child, or if your mother felt melancholy or depression during pregnancy, etc.), the things that happened during your growth may generate your current emotional blockages and without realizing it, the people who have hurt you throughout your life and that you have not yet managed to forgive, the unclosed cycles, the pending situations... The support of energy healing and spiritual reading can help you resolve the wounds and unresolved forgiveness on deeper levels, frequencies, vibrations and dimensions.

The auric charges correspond to our discordant intentions, thoughts, feelings and actions, and the desires we have towards others, and the desires that others have towards us (curses, envy, evil eye, etc.), all this accumulates in our aura from pas lives to this the present and it manifests itself in things that do not suit us. The auric charges can be resolved and disappeared for good with the support of energy healing and spiritual reading in few sessions.

That is why it is important to cleanse, raising the vibration that you carry inside out. Changing the vibration and starting a spiritual process is about inner work. This process has many layers. The more you heal, the more you manifest and activate anything you want to experience in your life. Are you ready to clean your temple.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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