Etheric Cords Release

Etheric Cords Release

Posted on June11, 2022

What is an etheric cord?

It is a non-physical, immaterial cord that binds us to other people, animals, places, objects and also to souls who are no longer incarnated (e.g. deceased loved ones).

Throughout our lives, we create these bonds, consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or not, and we are also born with bonds already present.

Some cords are indeed established during past incarnations or in the astral, for example we are linked to our soul family, our Guides, our Ascendant Masters, Angels etc.

These cords are beneficial for us but some can create adversity. When we attach ourselves to someone or an object, we create an etheric cord. It is a cord that is not visible to the naked eye. This cord very often prevents us from moving forward. It can also drain energy.

We find etheric cords in all areas: friendly, sentimental, family, professional. Etheric cords are also called, attachments, ties, bonds or etheric tubes. Over time, etheric cords grow and grow and become strings. While imaging, at the beginning the cord looks like a rhizome. Gradually, it can size up to a tree trunk.

✴How are these cords created?

These cords are created when we interact with other people, we are related to people, animals, objects and places we love but also sometimes to people, places, etc. that do not serve our greater, highest, good.

During our daily interactions, we create temporary bonds that make and break on their own but also more deeply rooted and strong bonds depending on the degree of interactions.

Some harmful links are also created with low-vibration entities without us being aware of them. We then feel energetically drained.

✴Nature of the cord:

These connections can be beneficial in the case of people, animals, objects and places that we love and with which our interactions are positive, balanced and bring us joy.

Other cords can create resistance in us, such as links with people who want to hurt us, who are angry with us, who want to manipulate us or who seek our attention (whether their intentions are good or bad) or people we cannot forgive...

✴Where are they attached?

They can attach themselves everywhere to our aura but mainly to the multi-levels of our chakras, mainly to our major chakras. Our chakras are energy centers and each represents a specific energy, a specific message depending on the nature of the connections established with the person or situation in question.

✴How do they work?

These cords create exchanges of energies between the 2 energies, they can for example allow us to feel their energies and emotions, to exchange telepathically...

The most sensitive among us will be able to feel when a bond becomes harmful and a relationship acts to their detriment. Indeed, sometimes some people are draining energy, that is to say people who will pump our energy consciously or not...

✴Cutting cords:

Cutting one or more etheric cords does not mean abandoning the person, or divorcing them.

This allows you to free yourself and find yourself. And so, to have the energy to do what you want. Of course the good times remain.

Once the cords are cut, it automatically implies an inner change.

These cords can be cut and they have to be cut sometimes for our greater interest.

In general, when a karmic situation arises with a person and we learn a lesson, the bond unravels on its own when the lesson is mastered.

But sometimes the lesson in itself is the cutting of these cords, that is to say knowing how to set healthy limits to preserve our energy and no longer tolerate certain behaviors (e.g. manipulation, someone who constantly seeks your attention, more generally unbalanced relationships, whatever their nature).

These cords have a role and sometimes cutting them is the best thing to do. Ditto for attachments involving negative entities.

A cord can be reformed if the lesson is not learned (whether with the same person or with another person the link will then be of the same nature) or if the person feels that his impact on you escapes him, in these cases, continue this work.

To cut the links, there are several methods.

Here are some examples. Cutting cords must always be done in peace, compassion and love by thanking for the lessons learned and with the intention of serving our greatest good and not harming others.

➡️ Visualization:

It is enough to emit the intention, to visualize and to set energy limits so as not to serve as emotional or energetic "food" to those to whom you are related.

You land in a quiet place, where you are relaxed.

You visualize yourself (as if you were facing a mirror).

You start with the feet.

You gradually go up from the feet to the crown chakra, see above...

When you visualize, if you see a rhizome, a liana, a rope, you have to cut this cord with the adapted tool. It can be: a pair of scissors, a branch cutter, a saw. The cord is to be cut as close as possible to the skin.

You can call on Archangel Michael to protect your being help you while you are cutting the cords. Once the cords are cut, you can ask Archangel Raphael for chakras healing.

💫In all these cases, there are solutions, an energy specialist can intervene to help cut ties, clean and guide entities to transition. 

What can also help is to (re)take your personal power, assert your free will, dare to assert yourself and say stop when the situation harms you, before it becomes unbearable.

I encourage you to always listen to your inner guidance and to your energy.

You can protect any positive, healthy cords by simply asking for them to be protected or by asking them to disappear/hold back for a minute or two. Some people recommend cutting cords that belong to yourself and a close person in your life if there are any arguments or negativity present between the two of you at the time, but I don't recommend this at all as it can weaken the cord overtime which eventually leads to a weakened relationship.

Cutting strong cords can take a while. Continue doing this exercise daily until you feel released from it. You may get the physical pain in your stomach as you do this but it will all be worth it.

Spiritual healers can also cut cords for you if you are having trouble doing it yourself. Etheric cords are central to humanity and Empaths tend to have a lot more cords attached to them than other people. The majority of these cords are important to us and need to be connected to allow us to socialize and interact with others in a healthy manner. Negative and weak etheric cords should be cut regularly though.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding etheric cords and the role they play in your life.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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