The Art of Saying No While Being At Ease With Ourselves

The Art of Saying No While Being At Ease With Ourselves

Posted on May 29, 2022

Saying no is a sign of respect. If you say yes to someone when you really do not want to, that could lead to resentment, which could negatively impact the relationship.

Saying no when that's what you mean indicates respect for yourself and the other person. Because you are being honest and authentic - qualities that cultivate healthy relationships.

Say NO because I'm tired and need rest.

Saying NO because it goes beyond my physical and/or emotional limits.

Say NO because it's not an emergency.

Saying NO because it doesn't match what I want anymore.

Saying NO because it doesn't align with my values.

Saying NO because I'm bored with this kind of activity.

Saying NO because that kind of person takes all my energy.

Say NO because I don't feel respected in my body when you do this.

Say NO because I don't feel valued when I'm in your presence.

Say NO because I have no joy in doing that.

Saying NO because it's just not what I want!

We all have our limits that are personal and do not compare to those of others.

Most often, the fear of losing, the fear of hurting or the fear of disappointing will make sure that we will not dare to choose ourselves.

Guilt can also be a factor.

important that plays a role in our decisions.

Take a moment to look at what's stopping you from saying NO.

Afterwards, one step at a time, dare to choose yourself.

Here are few tips to what could make it easier to say 'no'.

☀Smile naturally: Smiling weakens positively the impact of what you are saying because you are being authentic with yourself while demonstrating compassion to your heart. Smiling opens up the heart chakra and opens the channel for honest conversation - communication with ourselves and others.

☀Stand Up: standing up can be an expression of anchoring ourselves, standing up shows balance and alignment with our decision in saying know. Wether it is in front of a person or on the telephone, standing up will help with self-affirmation and self-confidence in expressing your choice and decision.

Any of these little tips can help you feel more confident and will support your new behavior. For that's what this is: If you're someone whom others know they can take advantage, you can indicate by what you do now that things have changed. I encourage to create small little shift every day until the energy, your power, within, is strong and vibrates around you and your environment. You can say no at ease, as it is flowing inside out while being comfortable with fluent breathing. All is well. Create that shift for your well-being, your mind. body and soul will thank you because you are taking care of your emotional health which is the key to a peaceful loving life.

Peace Within,


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