The Medicine Of The Eternal

The Medicine Of The Eternal

Posted on June 5, 2022

When you start taking care of your energy, you start attracting people who are reflecting vibrations that you carry, you start attracting new experiences, openings and opportunities, and you start to feel at ease, quiet, calm and open in your mind, body and soul.

It all starts in you. Within.

When you take care of your energy, no matter what environment you are in, you are conscious of your light, your energy, within you, and you protect it. You focus on balancing your energy.

It is a daily journey.

You produce your own energy.

And you may already have realized that some actions have the power to drain your energy while others will keep your energy in high vibration.

You strengthen certain moods by repeating your own positive thoughts and sacred mantras and bringing back joyful emotions through loving memories, images, sound of music, colors, loving words and past experiences...

Obsessive thoughts and toxic feelings consume energy and attract negativity. You can stop these thoughts and feelings. Yes, by observing them, by not getting attached to them. With practice, you can control your thoughts and feelings.

Gratitude, positivity, connect you to higher vibrational frequency. The simple act of gratitude is able to increase your level of personal happiness.

Throughout the day, observe carefully at what you offer your mind as "food". Observe the words that want to come out from your voice, when people talk (and on the radio, on tv), bring your attention and listen to the lyrics into songs, recognize the words that make you feel good, continue to observe and watch, and read the words that bring intellectual benefits or help you vibrate at a higher frequency.

You can also practice your mind to let go sincerely of the ancestral habit of complaining, criticizing, judging and speaking ill of others. You can try the best you can to think positive and let go negative thoughts with compassion and at peace. For example, the inner dialogue can be: "Thank you for the thoughts, I acknowledge them, yes they are in my mind, and I decide to let go the ones that are not serving me anymore. Thank you, bye bye, I understand why they appeared and decide to let them go at peace."

Here a good challenge for self growth, you can spend 24 hours without saying anything negative about the world, neither anyone nor yourself. Watch how your life changes positively. Bring your attention to your voice, the throat chakra. Let is be clear, like crystal water flowing at ease...

You can monitor your vibrational frequency. You may feel well, at peace, more calm and quiet, observing more what you are experiencing inside your body and outside, your environment. You can keep mind to be gentle with your voice in order to choose impeccable words, with wisdom and kindness.

Your energy is as important as your physical health, take good care of it. Namasté

Peace Be With You, Always.



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