The Power Of Letting Go

Posted on June 7, 2022

There is nothing more powerful than the power of letting go.

To a life that no longer makes you happy.

To friends who no longer support you in your dreams and projects.

To a job that makes you unhappy.

To the illusory hopes of your life.

Letting go to useless and rigid thoughts.

To a place that no longer feeds your soul patch.

To a person that you no longer love and appreciate.

Letting go... to who you are no longer and to who you were.

Letting go and earning all that will come to you with open mind, open heart, and hands ready to receive the new opportunities and situations.

Letting go from all the thoughts that come to you like observing a sky with clouds dancing with the wind. Letting go from any attachment. Embracing your free spirit, your freedom. Letting go of all things. It is such a relief for the Soul.

Take a moment, your right hand on your heart, close your eyes, bring your attention to the energy into your heart and ask yourself what do you sincerely want to experience?

Bring to your heart, happiness, joy, harmony, balance, serenity, clarity, truth, authenticity and offer yourself to fulfill your path with beauty and Love. Fill up your Heart with your treasures.

For being you and believing in you. Here is a lovely exercise to recognize and affirm your treasures, your values: Abundance, affection, altruism, friendship, love, authenticity, beauty, kindness, bravery, calm, consistency, collaboration, compassion, connection, contribution, Conviction, cooperation, courage, creativity, curiosity, discovery, discipline, gentleness, righteousness, efficiency, wonder, mutual aid, family, fidelity, faith, frankness, generosity, kindness, harmony, honesty, innovation, integrity, justice, freedom, loyalty, originality, open-mindedness, peace, sharing, patience, perseverance, pleasure, power, respect, sensitivity, simplicity, sincerity, solidarity, spirituality, spontaneity, tolerance, transparency, utility, vitality...

You own several of them and they are all so beautiful. It is good an important reminder that your Soul is ready to unlock wonderful experiences that radiate the treasures, the values within. Namasté

Peace Be With You, Always.



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