We Create our Own Reality. We Create our Karma.

We Create our Own Reality. We Create our Karma.

Posted on June 14, 2022

What is Karma? How Reiki Helps with Karmic Patterns.

Karma can be of varied kinds such as:

Individual Karma – This is karma that is limited to an individual. It can show up as struggles with health, relationships, finances and the like.

Collective Karma – When a group of related or unrelated people share a similar issue, they are said to be recipients of collective karma. Victims of war, accidents and other unfortunate group incidents fall into this category.

Ancestral Karma – This is where patterns are passed on from generation to generation. Genetic illnesses, early deaths, frequent miscarriages, abuse, violence, dysfunctional relationships and the like fall into this category.

People often wonder if Reiki helps with karmic healing. It can most certainly does. It is not necessary to do anything special in order to heal karmic issues with Reiki. All it needs is to surrender to the energy of Reiki and then go with the flow.It is important to remember that once we heal, we break free from the respective karmic cycle. It is not necessary that every other person who is karmically involved with us must also heal at the same time. We all have our rhythm, our own path, our own healing process, our own way to express ourselves, our own expression of being. Let’s just all be patient, resilient, loving and in compassion towards one another.

How Reiki Helps with Karmic Patterns?

The Reiki attunement opens up and we invite more divine energy to flow through our bodies. This contact with Reiki Energy increases awareness. We then become aware of self limiting patterns and beliefs, it is fundamentally the first and most important step towards healing karmic patterns.

Reiki heals at the cellular level and goes right to the root cause of every issue. It brings up hidden patterns and memories that need healing from across space and time. It gives opportunities to heal past life issues, without always having to be aware of what exactly happened.

If we need to see some past lives in order for karmic healing to occur, Reiki helps even with that. It leads us to the right resources and teachers who may help us go back in time and heal.

Some amount of karmic healing automatically happens after being attuned to Reiki Energy. Karmic healing can continue to healing oneself for a global cause or a larger purpose.

Reiki also invites Divine grace into our lives. A touch of divine grace can help ease the process of karmic healing.

In cases of ancestral karma, by choosing to heal ourselves, Reiki contributes to healing our family tree. Our decision to heal an unhealthy pattern can bring healing to many generations before and after us. As always, your permission must be granted in order for Reiki Energy to healing. It is the main rule of Reiki.

Hope that this article brought you peace and clarity about Karma.

Blessings of harmony on this beautiful day. Namasté 🙏

Peace Be With You, Always.



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