Cooking With Reiki

Cooking With Reiki

Posted on June 18, 2022


When cooking or eating out, I send Reiki to food and drinks before consuming to clear away all energies and food chain historic to empower your meals to work only for your highest good. It makes an incredible difference. Digestion, vitamins minerals, and micronutrients consumption are absorbed effectively.

Always be close to my passion, one-love, and generosity. The purpose of cooking is to give, share, and cherish every day. Make Life Organically Flavorful! It brings JOY and the Love for Life".

To be a good cook means to be able to identify and choose excellent quality ingredients. I spend a lot of time in my classes helping students identify excellent quality ingredients. When it comes to fresh protein and produce, seasonal, local, and fresh are always best. And of course, the intention of bringing joy and sensational flavors together with herbs and spices makes the cooking activity a gastronomic event. To each breath of patience align concentration to a better tasting experience. I put up together my cooking ritual:

  • Set the intention of a good successful tasty recipe to share with beloved ones
  • Clean and set the kitchen.
  • Get the fresh ingredients around the aisles at the grocery store or at a local market.
  • Get ready for the playtime part and observe, watch, hear, taste, touch, and follow the intuition through the experience...And sprinkle with little magic herbs and spice.
  • Enjoy the result of accomplishment and indulge yourself while sharing with others

"Simply washing hands, setting intentions of cooking, creating a nutritious tasty meal, elevating the energy, pick and wash fresh vegetables, sprouts, fruits, beans and legumes, grains, seeds, and nuts; spices and herbs, clean proteins, are all high in vibrations because they were in contact with the five elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit

Prepare receive and ask Reiki to bless you, your kitchen, all the utensils, and the cooking ingredients. By being aware of your intention while eating your meal, you will be able to realign the vibration of your food affirming its intention to nourish and energize your body in a sacred way that satiates the mind, body, and soul. I invite you to channel with gratitude and with a joyful mindset towards that food you are so privileged to have access to, which will ignite high energy vibration. Feel free to go ahead and live your life doing things that bring you JOY — JOY feeling impacts within and all that surrounds you.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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