Energy Frequency Healing

Energy Frequency Healing

Posted on May 23, 2022. 

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  – Nikola Tesla

"In the universe, everything is energy, everything is vibration, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large...

Everything is energy and that's it.

Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you won't be able to help but get that reality. It cannot be otherwise.

This is not philosophy. It's physics. – Albert Einstein

The VIBRATIONAL NUMÉROLOGY OF THE SOUL was created by our souls on the same frequencies of the Universe! And even if act through mathematical numbers, in the universal plane are frequencies.

If we want to see things manifest, we just need to feel the desired frequency. To rectify a difficult situation, you need to focus on the desired frequency...

Energy attracts frequencies equal to it, when you stagnate in a state of low vibration, guess what you will receive from the universe?

On the other hand, if there is a problem, think and feel abundance.

If there is a presence of sadness and loneliness, feel love and joy.  The law of attraction always works in this way. The main essential thing to remember, and what we often tend to forget, is that "The energy goes where the attention goes." (The 3rd principle of Huna's philosophy, Makia).

It becomes much simpler once you can manage all the important aspects, such as the subconscious, the modes of frequencies of the mind that we cling to and accumulate, and our precious defense mechanisms.

Think about it for a moment – according to the law of attraction, if we live constantly by mode of "defense", what do you think is attracted? ... more and more reasons to be on guard, and so on. This is how we create our reality.

To break the spell, the change in frequency must first be felt from the inside. With an open heart, total trust in the Universe, total transparency, and honesty in our thoughts and words.

How to attract abundance? By being grateful for everything we already have. How can we attract more love into our lives? With the love that comes from within, the love of self and the love that we have for all living beings.

And the perfect time to do this is "now", not when we think about the past, because it only makes us persist in waiting. The only time we can make a change is "now," right now, in the present. This is how we determine the reality of the future. It is in this very moment that we energetically create our future.

The use of frequencies is nothing new. This is ancestral knowledge. Since the dawn of time, the use of certain frequencies for healing, to find an inner balance and strengthen one's abilities, has been used by religion in Gregorian chants and as part of Eastern meditation techniques.

Sound is a vibration, and when it is in agreement with the right frequency, it can have instantaneous and magical effects. The ancient musical scale of the 9 frequencies of music theory can allow a spiritual balance and heal the body and mind.

Here are the 9 useful healing frequencies, which are tuned in perfect order on the frequency 3-6-9:

174Hz – 12 (3) Relieves pain

285Hz – 15 (6) Influences energy fields

396Hz – 18 (9) Liberator of guilt and fear

417Hz – 12 (3) Resolves difficult situations and facilitates change

528Hz – 15 (6) Gives way to transformation and miracles (DNA repair)

639Hz – 18 (9) Communication / Bond relationship

741Hz – 12 (3) Expression / Solutions

852Hz – 15 (6) Return to spiritual order

963Hz – 18 (9) Connection to the Cosmos – Awakening

Biochemists use the 528 Hz frequency to repair human DNA:

The frequency of 528 Hz influences the water molecules that surround the DNA helix, producing physical biological healing effects.

Albert Einstein said: “As far as matter is concerned, we got everything wrong. What we have called matter is actually an energy whose vibration has thus been reduced to being perceptible by the senses. All beings of matter vibrate at specific rates. The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now finally recognized by science.”

Other very useful healing frequencies are the Schumann resonance, identical to the frequency of Mother Earth: 7.83Hz (18) (9) much as the powerful frequency of nature - 432 (9) perfect for meditation on the ground and connecting to Mother Earth. The ancient Indian Rishis said that 7.83 Hz was the frequency of OM.

432 Hz is the natural music of the universe that vibrates with the human heart chakra and renews our DNA.

That is why we are comfortable and happy in nature. The song of birds, the sound of the wind, everything in nature vibrates at 432 Hz.

It is also the natural pulsation rhythm of Mother Earth, also known as the 'frequency of the Sun', 126Hz (9) (note C out of 432). OM is said to stimulate the heart and is very effective for meditation.

All these frequencies mentioned above also reveal another ancient secret that we are not yet fully able to fully understand.

Order 3-6-9 and divine code number 9 are related to the physics of creation.

As Nikola Tesla said: "If you knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe." The sequence 3-6-9 is undoubtedly the fundamental vibrations of the root of music theory and all the tones at the frequency of healing.”

To use these frequencies: look for a video with the desired frequency and then relax, put on your headphones and let your brain synchronize with the frequency of the binaural beat. You will be able to observe measurable changes in both your mind and body.

🟤 174 HZ - Facilitates the feeling of anchoring and rooting, reduces physical pain, brings a sense of security, love and serenity.

⚫ 285 HZ - Revitalizes the system, participates in the regeneration of energy, helps in the restructuring and elimination of dead cells.

🔴 396 HZ - Restabilizes the root chakra, helps to release feelings of guilt and fear, contributes to the awareness of our blockages.

🟠 417 HZ - Transmutes traumatic experiences, accompanies towards change, unravels difficulties, transforms negative trials.

🌍 * 432 HZ - By listening to music set to the vibrational frequency of the Earth, we could reduce our stress and anxiety, increase our well-being, develop our intuition and creativity, in short live better, simply! *

🟡 528 HZ - Repairs DNA, clarifies the mind, brings inner peace, in close connection with the golden ratio, stimulates intuition, concentration and imagination.

🟢 639 HZ - Harmonizes our social relationships, soothes our conflicts, improves communication and increases love, understanding and tolerance.

🔵 741 HZ - Leads to awakening and increases intuition, eliminates toxins, helps to resolve different types of conflicts, develops self-expression.

🟣 852 HZ - Brings to the truth and lifts the veil on illusions, restores spiritual order, provokes unconditional love, transforms cells to a higher level.

⚪ 963 HZ - Brings a sense of unity, reconnection to the universe and light, activates the chakra of the 3rd eye, helps to express our truth and true nature.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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