Energy Shield For Protection

Energy Shield For Protection

Posted on May 28, 2022


Personal Energy Shield = Protection

We are multi-dimensional energetic beings with human experience. These original teachings have been suppressed or distorted during eons of distractions to move us away from our original way of life. This is a spiritual war. That has always been the case. We also need to protect ourselves energetically. With all the chaos and devastation in the world of 3D right now, our energies are compromised, and we need tools.

Energy is everywhere. You are created from energy, and you can generate it at any moment. Your thoughts can make it grow or reduce it. Your emotions act as interpreters of the type of energy you are experiencing. The people you meet can affect it.

Energy is the means of creation and communication of the Universe. Quantum field indices are part of our biological process. Matter is one, not separate. This means that any of our processes at the subatomic level can be influenced at any time to take any path.

If you are empathetic, that is, sensitive to the emotions of others or your environment, you often feel like you are absorbing a lot of things and being overwhelmed, depressed, or constantly exhausted when you are in contact with people.

You truly have the power to choose the quality of your earthly experience. You are a co-creator. Not a passive receiver of energy if you choose not to be. No one can "invade" your space just because they intend to. You are the ultimate guardian of your energy.

However, it can happen that you have a leak. This can happen because you are not aware of it or because you allow it.

Signs of an energy leak can be one or more of the following:

-a feeling of chaotic energy

-persistent fatigue

-being constantly sick

-emotional heaviness

-migraines following contact with others, etc.

If any of these symptoms are like you, today's article is for you. We're going to talk about how you can create a personal energy shield to protect your energy and the energy you receive. Think of this as the secret superpower you didn't know you could have.

Types of energy shield

There are many ways to create a personal energy shield to protect yourself, for example by visualizing that you are inside a cobalt blue egg, a love circle, roses, etc.

All variants are equally effective if and only if conscious intention is used to create one. Random thoughts don't count. You also won't want to create a weak, sloppy egg with holes. The idea is to focus your mind and use your senses to experience the shield.

You could visualize a shield, a barrier or a safe or protective screen, which would prevent the penetration of influence." Like a small cocoon of light that dissipates unwanted energies at its borders.

It's all about intentions. I have set the intention of an energetic shield of divine love, light and wisdom to protect myself from all dissonant energies interfering with the pure Source.

You can also call on your spiritual team for additional protection from all people who are toxic and negative. Don't be surprised when you receive proof of their support.

Before you leave your room in the morning, incorporate the creation of personal energy shields into your rising ritual! If you find that there are gaps, cracks, or holes, simply repair them with new mirrors.

The mirror protection shield is also excellent if you must go to a crowded space. Protect yourself before entering a bus, train, or shopping mall.

These are great tools to have on hand these days, when you need to strengthen your light, when you know you have to deal with a difficult person. Most of the time, we cannot orchestrate the energy of every situation we find ourselves in. But we can prepare ourselves and make our light so strong that it converts all the low energies we encounter. If you practice them daily, you will feel more expansive and able to let unwanted influences pass through.

I hope this article will contribute to your growth and ascension process. Let's unlearn together!

Peace Be With You, Always.



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