Flower Of Life

Flower Of Life

Posted on June 8, 2022

How to use the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is constantly regenerating, so it does not need to be cleansed, it revitalizes and cleanses, increases the vibrational rate, it is an extraordinary portal between the cosmic and the telluric, an energy accelerator, which guides you on your life path, a superb guide in meditation.

For Stones:

Place your natural stone jewelry every night on your flower of life and you will find them the next morning, naturally purified and recharged.

And on a weekly basis, you can place your rough and rolled stones on it for one night for reloading and purification.

No need to take the lead with the moon, full moons, moonstones, the sun...

For a place:

– You can place a sticker, or a stainless-steel flower disc Flower of Life in visual support in a room of your home. Hang it on a wall, stick it on a shelf, a desk, in a room of relaxation, care or physical activity.

It will have an action of vibrational harmonization (balance, harmonization, and protection of the place) On the other hand to work effectively on a disturbing geobiological phenomenon, it is preferable to place the Flower of Life in the place concerned by the problem and often even precisely. There are Flower of Life lamps, crystal pyramids with Flower of Life.

For food:

– Place the flower of life in the places where you store your food, (closet, fridge, cellar, etc.). It will have an action on conservation, regeneration, and protection.

- Use a decanter, a glass, a bottle, a flower of life gourd and golden ratio, to re-harmonize your food and drinks.

– Place the flower of life under your dishes prepared for meals and of course under your drinking water. The application on a bottle of wine is very interesting, it's up to you to judge

You can leave the flowers of life for as long as you want. Dynamization and purification action.

For health products:

– Place the flower of life where you store the products for your care, even under your products.

Essential oils, mother tinctures, various elixirs, homeopathy, food supplements, finally everything related to your health, even minerals. Dynamization and purification action as well.

For work on oneself:

– One can quite be accompanied by the flower of life as a meditative support, or in work on the different planes of being, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual.

Everyone is free to suggest all the many other possibilities that this geometry offers us. Its subtlety of vibrational action goes far beyond this list of experimentation.

Thank you Flower of Life❤

You can wear on your skin an ephemeral tattoo with the flower of life.

You can also wear in protection a jewel, a pendant, a ring, a flower of life bracelet.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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