Healing Chakras & Aura

Healing Chakras & Aura

Posted on June 11, 2022

Through experiences...

A person gets sick by 10/15 percent due to food intake and weather conditions & 85/90 percent due to his mind.
Major sickness is due to mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances.

Stress, tension and resentment will create body aches, lungs infection, heart disease, blood circulation, blood pressure, digestion problems, gastric, acidity, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, intestine and affect consequently mental body.

Anger, jealousy, greediness will create spine weakness, urinary infection, liver crisis, kidney infections, cancer, menstrual and gynecology irregularities, knees and heals pain.

Anxiety and tension (living in the past or anticipating the future) about past and future will lead to entire body pains, blood and bones problems, major survival organs diseases.

Lack of love and affection, criticizing others will lead to heart problems, affects respiratory system & circulatory system.

Feeding negative thoughts affects the throat chakra, hormones, thyroid, thirst and hunger, teeth and jaw, brain, eyes, ears, nervous system, and lack of attention in the present.

In nutshell, there are very less diseases due to food/weather and more due to above negativities and moreover dishonesty, deceiving ourselves and others create negative energies inside out as the aura is affecting the entire body. Human is a multi-dimensional being, one of the most sophisticated creation of God & his mighty has given us good and not so good choices (positive & negative) so we can learn lessons and evolve according to our Soul path. Please remember that a human being is himself/herself responsible for sickness/wellness.

By the support of energy healing and spiritual reading, Reiki has a fundamental impact on all the above. Basically Reiki therapy assists in all types of holistic and medical treatments. Reiki is not the replacement of medicines, it is a Life Force Energy support. This healing practice speeds up the affect of medicines by clearing the negativities in a person chakras and Aura.

Reiki healing is also an important support in relationships, assists in exams, interviews, memory problems, creating this peaceful space to soothing, calming people and situations, cleansing negativity in business environment (location establishment, building, people, air) and any places, house, factory, and in machinery, vehicles etc. One can heal all the problems through Reiki.

Energy Healing and Spiritual Reading with Reiki provides the healing response the body needs. That's the miracle of Reiki and one of the many reasons why I am passionate about it. In the last two years, I have had clients find relief from headaches, fatigue, stress, digestion issues, anxiety, entities clearing, past lives unresolved memories, childhood memories and so on. They also said they were able to relax more than ever before and feel spiritually connected. They feel calm, at peace, carrying a heart filled up with serenity and harmony, touching the light of joy back again.

The lightest touch can have the deepest effect on us.

Please remember to take good care of yourself every day. Blessings of Peace. Namasté

Peace Be With You, Always.



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