How to Raise Our Vibration

How to Raise Our Vibration

Posted on May 26, 2022

The vibrational level of a human being varies according to his degree of spiritual evolution, we all have the ability to modify and make it evolve. 

By raising our vibrational rate, we participate in the elevation of the vibrational rate of the planet, and by resonance phenomenon, all the terrestrial creation tends to raise its vibration and adjust it with that of the planet vibrational level. The energy that constitutes us can be measured in different ways. The most used by dowsers is to use a pendulum to measure vibrational rates in Bovis Units (BUs).

Each living being has its own vibratory rate, constantly variable, whether it is attached to the mineral, vegetable, animal, or human kingdoms.

Until a few years ago, the vibration rate of a human was considered "normal" when it oscillated between 6000 and 9000 UB. Vibrational level for about ten years, we can observe the average rate of humans increase, to oscillate between 9500 and 10000 UB.

This increase in vibrational levels leads to two kinds of manifestations:

• overexcitement for some, with difficulty in controlling themselves,

• openness to other states of consciousness for others.

Decreasing in vibration levels and its consequences

Drops in vibrational levels are also more and more frequent and have their origin in a way of life that is increasingly unbalanced and at odds with the evolution of the planet. 

The causes are multiple and concomitant: industrial food, artificial electromagnetic fields, drugs, negative thoughts, air quality, stress, tobacco.

Currently, when the vibration rate of a human cross the threshold of 6000 UB and continues to fall, the human being concerned begins to be affected by the low vibrations with which he enters tune and physical dysfunctions (diseases) can develop because his terrain becomes favorable to it. 

The lower its vibrational rate, the more vulnerable it will become to diseases and other dysfunctions of the physical body.

Because we always perceive the vibrational level of others being in tune with ours, it is easy to understand that if we lower our vibrational rate, we enter more and more in tune with suffering beings, who will also contribute to the acceleration of our fall. 

But do not forget that we have the ability to maintain our vibrational rate at the level we want!

Why raising your vibration?

In case of illness, discomfort, one of the first thing to do is to raise your vibrational level.

• Imaginary listening simply to be better, to live better! 

• No longer be accessible by low vibrations (undesirable energies). 

• Regain health and maintain it. 

• To be in harmony with all the planes composing our being: physical, psychic, subtle and spiritual. 

• Benefit from a real well-being allowing us to welcome happiness and joie de vivre. 

• Discover true states of calm and inner peace. 

• Easily participate in the rapid release of all the energies that no longer correspond to us. 

• Connect with our inner being to find the path of our evolution. 

• Facilitate access and manifestation of everything we may wish for. 

• Strengthen the connection with our soul, to get in touch with it more easily. 

• Increase the "magic of life": luck, synchronicities.

• To be able to be in contact with beings of a higher vibrational level than ours and to get closer to them. 

How to raise vibration?

Of course, an energy healing practitioner can start to help, by transmitting energy. It is necessary for the person concerned to work on himself. For this, various attitudes, actions, thoughts... can help raise the vibrational level:

☀imaginary listening laughter.

Watch comedies, comedy shows, experience humor with a group of people or self-derision...

Practice laughter yoga, it is very powerful. Try for a at least 5 minutes, you will see it can become challenging, it is a great experience and it opens the heart chakra.

☀ Smile

The smile also carries within him very good vibrations.

Getting into the habit of adding a smile to everything we do, let's say, whether it's in the direction of others or... of ourselves! 

☀ Singing

Singing a tune, a song that we love, that soothes us, that puts balm in our hearts or that makes us want to dance, or if we are not inclined to sing, simply hum tunes that come spontaneously to our minds. 

☀ Move

Moving allows us to circulate the energy of our body and to evacuate both physical and psychological tensions.

Walking, dancing, pedaling! 

Jogging, gymnastics, yoga, qigong, etc.

Find a way to move that we like to practice it in a good mood and significantly amplify the increase in our vibrational rate. 

☀ Write

Writing every day, 3 reasons why we are happy, 3 things we feel gratitude for.

List your qualities, skills (helps to recognize your own value and increase self-esteem). 

☀ Doing what we love and/or what relaxes us

When we enjoy doing something or feel relaxed, our vibrational rate rises!

Doing activities in which we are comfortable allow us to gain more confidence in ourselves. However, self-confidence is also an important factor in increasing vibration rate.

Have fun, have fun! 

☀ Act

When we hesitate to do something, it is that a low vibration fear lows us down; to make it disappear, acting is the best remedy.

The slightest gesture can lead to big changes! 

☀ Positive thoughts

Favoring positive thoughts, high thoughts of love, sharing, compassion is also a way to increase one's vibrational level. 

☀ Harmony

To be in harmony between our thoughts, words, and actions, and for each to express them by being aware that they are the emanation of ourselves and fully reflect our vibrational state. 

Thinking about what you want to think, not what others want you to think. Tell the truth, what we think, feel and do. Do not lie, to hide, to avoid shame or to avoid criticism. Accept to be self! 

☀ Seeing the positive in all things

Whatever situations we encounter, keep in mind that everything always happens for our own good and that we are the creators of these events.

We realize that everything that seems tragic to us is there to allow us to grow and that by accepting the situation, we keep the ideas clearer to welcome the positive to come. 

☀ Making positive affirmations

"I'm good", "I'm happy", "I'm Zen"... etc.

"Life is beautiful", "everything is perfect"... etc. 

☀ Getting rid of negative vibrations

Do not repress negative emotions such as sadness and anger. Let these emotions pass, without holding them back, accepting and feeling them deep within ourselves, and then expressing them. By expressing them, but without accentuating them, they will eventually disappear on their own. 

☀ Have gratitude

To be grateful for all that we are and all that we have.

Giving thanks every day for our chance allows us to focus our mind on what we have and therefore create more luck in our lives and fulfill more wishes. 

☀ Loving yourself

Love yourself in every possible way: respect yourself, listen to yourself (listen to your heart rather than your mind), thank yourself, congratulate yourself, have fun... etc.

Appreciate his reflection in the mirror, smile. 

☀ Opening your consciousness

Open our conscience to all possibilities and opinions. Listen and accept without judging. The more we open ourselves to all things without criticizing-rejecting them (whether we believe in them-adheres to them or not), the more our consciousness opens and cultivates the various beliefs-knowledge-opinions and the more our "library" grows. 

We possess our own truths; we accept the truths of others and thus we will have all the truths of the world! 

☀ Breathe consciously and deeply

Conscious breathing helps to restore the circulation of our vital energy. 

☀ Meditate

Become aware that one becomes and that one obtains, which is what one meditates on. Meditating to raise one's vibrational level is a work on self, conscious, refining one's perceptions. 

Here's a simple exercise you can use:

1.Imaginary listening Imagine a pure light, as pure as you can conceive. 

2. Let it enter you, visualize this light with as much reality as possible. Strive to create it, to bring it to life, to no longer just imagine it. When it enters you, through your head, the light purifies you. It does not take care of your low vibrations, it is too pure for that, but it gets rid of yours. 

3. Let this light come down, feel the benevolence in it towards you. See how it spreads through your being and transcends its borders, because it radiates for now, much more than you can. 

4. When you are filled with this light, enjoy its warmth, its purity for as long as you can. 

5. When you feel that it is running away from you, take the time to accompany it, to bring it out gently, feeling full of energy, new, fine, precious sensations. 

☀ Pronounce the OM/AUM sound

The OM sound is the original and universal sound.

It emits a very powerful vibration that can help us on our path of healing and inner peace. 

☀ Request

Ask your soul, the Universe, God, the Light, the Divine Energy, your guardian angel, the Violet Flame, etc. to be helped to raise your energy level.

Whatever our beliefs, we can ask the invisible worlds for help by expressing the wish that they purify us, recharge us, or simply increase our vibrational rate. 

☀ Getting in touch with Mother Nature

Marvel at all that nature offers us.

Observe it with attention, love, respect, benevolence...

Listen to it (the song of birds, the wind in the trees, etc.).

Smell smells (scent of flowers, grass after rain, etc.). 

☀ Eating Healthy

Favor a lively diet (fruits, raw vegetables) and preferably organic, fresh products, seasonal, the region preferably raw or lightly cooked (for example: sweet steaming).

Avoid meat that preserves the animal's memories, including the fears it felt during slaughter. 

These negative energies penetrate its flesh, remain inscribed in it (even after cooking) and are then absorbed into your body during the meal. 

☀ Drinking energized water

For this, it is possible to use a magnetizer or add a little organic lemon juice to a bottle, then shake it strongly. It is also possible to obtain "solar water", very energized, by placing the water in a glass bottle, in full sun, or to place the bottle near a scallop shell in order to benefit from the effect of its waves of forms. 

☀ Improving the quality of the air we breathe

 For this, breathing negatively ionized air is excellent. We can benefit naturally from it near the sea, waterfalls... In homes, it is possible to implement an ionizer, a salt lamp.

☀ Living in a living space with an excellent vibrational level.

To maintain a correct vibrational rate, it is important that that of our place of life is also correct. Indeed, if our habitat contains low vibrations, especially in the places where we park the longest: beds, desk, sofa...

It will contribute to the decrease of our own vibrational rate. If in doubt, call a geobiologist.

Large openings allowing sunlight to easily penetrate the house are preferred. 

☀ Electromagnetic fields

Remove all sources of inappropriate electromagnetic fields, such as Wi-Fi connections for phone, internet, sound... as well as microwave ovens... 

☀ Going to an energetic hotspot

Energy hotspots, "sacred" places are usually located on an energy vortex. These places are very rich in cosmo-telluric energies because they offer significant capacities for capturing telluric (from Earth) and cosmic (from Space) energy, due to the included energy vortex.

These highly energetic places can be of natural origin (caves, volcanoes, bodies of water, underground or surface rivers...) or of human origin (pyramids, cathedrals, ...).

Because of their structural organization, they favor the vibrational elevation, and from there, the possibility of ascension, just like the ascended Masters, the Beings of Light... Many "inexplicable" realities can become so from these places.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to frequent these places... they can only promote, amplify our personal work on ourselves. Because let us not forget that it is not places that can heal us, correct certain aspects of ourselves. They can only help us, because of the high vibrational energies they contain. 

Peace Be With You, Always.




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