Intuition: The Soul's GPS

Intuition: The Soul's GPS

Posted on June 12, 2022

Intuition is the guide master; this is the map you should follow.

Intuition works when you don't know (about the intellect) but you do. And you know because you feel.

People know the smell of lies, people know the voice of wickedness, cunning, falsehood, people feel when they are deceived. They don't know it from the intellect, but they know it because they feel it.

When something is wrong or not aligned with your "vibrational frequency", you will feel it, when something resonates in a dissonant way, you will feel it but you will not know how to translate this sensation. It is an intuition.

I don't know how many times I've heard someone say "it happened to me and deep down I knew what was going to happen, something was telling me  “yes », something was telling you! People still know this but prefer not to believe it.

The soul does not use words to transmit, it is like a whisper in the air that your being interprets, translates, and informs you, but we almost never pay attention.

The soul always knows what to do, but if the mind does not silence itself, it will be very difficult to be attentive. Look for the sensitivity of these subtle things.

When something is not for you, your soul will try to warn you, in many ways.

Pay attention to signs, sensations, pay attention to yourself.

Trust your intuition more, listen, feel, watch, and keep going. Feeling this confidence allows you to align with the decisions you need to connect with a higher part of your being.

Be attentive when something is about to happen in your life, small manifestations of everyday life will send you signs indicating the right path. Your intuition will be your guide.

Nothing is by chance, and maybe that's why you're reading this.

"Intuition whispers the truth. We are not dust. We are magic." - Richard Bachelors

Close your eyes and follow your intuition.

Peace Be With You, Always.



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