Layers Of Emotions When Triggered

Layers Of Emotions When Triggered

Posted on May 24, 2022

What are the emotions underneath the trigger?

1. Someone forgot to call because of distraction. While a logical side of you knows that’s human—the wounded part of you feels rejected + abandoned. You send back from this emotion a negative response to that person.

2. A stranger cuts you off in a grocery at the checkout like, on the highway... The logical side of you knows this person is not paying attention or noticing. The wounded part of you feels unconsidered, angry, + wants to “give that person a piece of your mind” because in the past you were forced to remain silent.

3. A person leaves a comment on your post or saying something sarcastic. The logical part of you knows they’re in a bad place themselves. The wounded side of you remembers being mocked, shamed, or insulted. And is ready to self protect.

4. Your friend gets another promotion at work. The logical side of you feels happy for them + wants to celebrate. The wounded part of you feels so angry that you’re in a job you hate + how you’re never noticed for all your effort at work.

5. You hear someone talking about their weight loss/diet. Your logical side knows many people diet. Your wounded part remembers your mother talking about your body as a child + monitoring your food intake. You want to scream at that person or tell them “don’t ever have children!”

Mainstream culture makes fun of people for being triggered. We say “triggered” in a mocking way. Or, we expect people to place trigger warnings around anything that could possibly emotional reactions. 

BEING TRIGGERED IS A NATURAL, HEALTHY PART OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE. The fact that we mock it, or want to hide from triggers shows just how deeply we avoid our own emotions.

💛☀✨The next time you are triggered, pause.


Notice the sensations in your body.

Avoid letting your ego mind to create an entire story.

Be immediately kind to yourself “I’m feeling intense things right now.”

Practice self soothing: put down your phone + go breathe in a quiet place.

Learning how to manage your own triggers is the key to self confidence, emotional intelligence, + overall empathy for yourself/others

Peace Be With You, Always,



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