Spiritual Chart - New Service

Spiritual Chart - New Service

It is a new service that I offer since it is fundamental information to any of us who are spiritually connected.

The Spiritual Chart includes these answers:

How old your Soul is?

Where do you come from?

What are the qualities, values, treasures of your Sanskar (your nature)?

By knowing your strengths, you can develop them to higher scale. These are your gifts given by the Soul.

What is your purpose in this life?

Who are your guides? You will be able to work closely with them. Please remember to ask for their support everyday.

Who are the main Angels & Archangels who are by your side everyday?

Who are your Ascendant Masters? These are highly divine spirited energies that are guiding you for spiritual growth.

These are basic existential questions of our origins. We are all different. We are coming from different places, in different era of space and time. That is a fundamental chart that will give you answers and better understanding about yourself. Know your higher self to a higher realm. By understanding on deeper levels your Soul's origins, your high vibrational frequencies will soon start to work.

All I need to build up your chart is your first and last names and a picture of you. Book today and you will receive your chart within the next 72 hours. Thank you for sending your information (name and picture) via email at [email protected]

Peace is always with you.



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