When The Soul Leaves The Body

Posted on May 31, 2022

🤍🕊️When a soul leaves its biological body, there is an expansion of consciousness, a feeling of immense peace and liberation.

🤍🕊️Souls never leave alone, no one dies alone, usually accompanied by relatives who left before and who come to accompany them. Also spiritual guides are present to reassure them and accompany them in their journey.

🤍🕊️Sometimes they are taken to convalescent places, especially if they have gone through an immediate death or a long exhausting illness or if they have had a difficult life.

🤍🕊️The person who leaves his body receives and perceives with pleasure our thoughts of thanks for his life.

🤍🕊️ We can always help them with our reassuring words and thoughts to avoid their worry or attachment to this plan.

🤍🕊️The Soul says goodbye once she feels and feels that her family is more soothed. They are usually present in your energy body through dreams.

🤍🕊️What a person needs most when giving up their physiological base is to feel and know what we will be okay with.

🤍🕊️The greatest gift we can give a person when they leave their body is our own loving peace and energy.

🤍🕊️In honor for all Souls who are experiencing their transit or transition.

Love and Respect for all those who have lost a loved one.

May Peace Always Be In Your Heart❤



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