Celebrate Gratitude

Celebrate Gratitude

Posted on June 16, 2022

As we all collectively look forward to new era of our civilization, we can pause to be thankful, grateful, create new beginnings, letting go in peace events, that affect us all and individually, as well  habits, thoughts, actions and words that no longer serve us. 

Mourning is a graceful process that we all experience in every cycle of our lives. This is Life. Life allows learning, teaching, processing, better understand, growing, evolving with wisdom and kindness towards ourselves, and one another. 

A simple 10 minutes a day by giving ourselves this precious gift of slowing down, breathing, asking ourselves: How are you? How do you feel right now? This pause to reflect within ourselves on being present, vibrant, feeling our energy and support our health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

We have an important reason to be here – to spread love, to give, to feel joy, to be kind and respectful – which the world needs in multiple ways right now. 

You are important and your place and work in the world are too. You are loved and needed here. Read on for how you can be at your best to shine your Love into the world.

In this period of changes, give thanks and feel gratitude for all of the good things in your life, all that we are, all the we became, all our profound intentions, all the great words and actions being creating every day, for ourselves and reflecting all around us. Like family and friends, pets, your wonderful clients, your own path, at your own rhythm, the Reiki journey, the ability to touch the lives in a positive way, the inner peace that is activated through spiritual practice, meditation flowing breathing naturally, just to name a few. 

Wherever you live in the world, it is a crucial time to remember what is truly important and valuable in your life and to practice gratitude. You can write down positive acknowledgements, words, actions, that the year brought to your path. 

Putting on paper this list brings clarity and acceptance to events that happened previously. It is a wonderful closure, letting go the last year with peace and compassion by opening the doors to the New for Harmony & Joy Blessings to come!

A 2021 research article from Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School detailed research on gratitude. In one study, three groups of research participants were asked to write about either daily irritations, events that had affected them, or things they were grateful for throughout the week.  After the 10 weeks of the study, their finding showed that “those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Surprisingly, they also exercised more and had fewer visits to physicians than those who focused on sources of aggravation.”

Also, the Harvard article suggested that “gratitude is an attainment associated with emotional maturity.”

How to cultivate gratitude during this time?

As a Master Reiki practitioner, I am filled with loving energy on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean even the best of me may not get a shade cranky now and then. Boosting gratitude can help escaping the cranky worst out of me and these following quick tips can help to reach higher vibration, connected to the Love frequency:

Gratitude List

A profound way to boost your gratitude levels. Simply write on a piece of paper, list of things that make you feel warm and grateful, inside. This practice has a huge range of variations, making it the perfect resolve peacefully so many situations that happened in the past years.

For gratitude maintenance: Write down 1 to 5 things for which you’re grateful every morning and every evening as part of your morning and evening rituals.

For gratitude jump-starts: Write a list of 10 things when you’re feeling kind of blah.

For gratitude overhauls: Write a list of 100 things if you need a substantial boost.


No matter where you are or what you’re doing at any given time of the day, take a moment to appreciate at least one thing around you. Similar to but less formal than a gratitude list, you can do the spot check right in your head. It’s an easy way to enhance a glorious moment — or get yourself out of a grumpy one.

If you’re stuck in traffic, for instance, instead of scowling about the red lights and the packed left-turn lane, take notice of something good, breathe deeply, say a mantra like: "All is well. I am surrounded with peace. My heart is Kind. I am grateful to be alive and experience Life." or singing a beautiful word / mantra : OM, Shanti, Love, Peace, a high vibrational tone! Like the exceptionally beautiful teal color of the minivan next to you, or the happy dog hanging his head out the window two cars up. You will notice the ripple effects of your energy spreading around you. You may notice smiles and smiley eyes around you. You will see, and you will feel...

Expression of Appreciation for Others

Whether you send out a thank you note, call a friend, or bake someone a cake (I so love to do that part, cake, cookies, soup, soul food...), showing your appreciation for others is a delightful way to activate gratitude into action. It makes you happy and joyful too. It makes the other person happy. It also enhances and strengthens relationship.

Kindness to Every Living Thing - All Beings

This tip is a double good whammy. Not only is it a way to boost gratitude, but it’s one of the Reiki principles. Being kind can quickly generate feelings of gratitude, especially if you ask for nothing in return. Open the door for someone entering the store. Give your pup or kitty cat an extra-big pet. Caress and talk to your houseplants. And always remember to extend the kindness to yourself.

Weave these practices into your daily life and you’ll find gratitude becomes a constant and welcome companion. The more frequently gratitude fills your heart, the tougher it is for cranky to compete, and the happier your overall life can be. No matter what is the metaphorical weather outside, you can use the practice of gratitude to bring you back to center so that you can face whatever challenges come your way. And make a positive difference in the world.

Reiki Blessings,

Peace Be With You, Always.



Sources: https://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/giving-thanks-can-make-you-happier

May Peace Be With You, Always.



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